Saturday, April 4, 2015

Oral Roberts University, A new chapter in my Life

I am currently majoring in Church Ministries  via the Distance Learning Program in, which I have both The Old and New Testaments, The History of Christianity about the various theologians from the first- century to 21st century, including both their positive and negative effects on Christianity,  I have also studied both exegesis and hermenuetics in order to be able to know what the original authors of the books of The Bible intended for their writings that were inspired by the Holy spirit to not only mean for their  original readers, but what they intended the scriptures to be understood by their readers  in the 21st century,. I have also studied Seminar in Theological Research, Pastoral Ministry Skills, and also how to plan and grow churches from the ground up. I'm currently studying, psychology, communications, and sociology in order to help congregation members to overcome spiritual, mental, and physical challenges in their lives.  I am 42 years old and have been out of school since I graduated in 1988. This is a very exciting and exhilarating time in my life, because I am going to be majoring in Christian Ministries and Theology, so that I can be a servant of Jesus Christ. All that I want to do with the rest of my life is to serve others and to spread the uncompressed gospel of Jesus Christ. Even though all I am paralyzed from the neck down I have the faith that I will be able to not only graduate, but to be able to graduate at the top of my class. The classes that have taken to this date thus far include,• Pastoral Ministry Skills (LCHM 306 UG) • Introduction to Evangelism (LCHM 335 UG) • Survey of Old Testament LIT (LBLT 110 UG) • Survey of New Testament (LBLT 120 UG) • Whole Person Assessment (LGEN 099 UG) • American Government /Politics (LGOV 101 UG) • History of CHR II Medieval Church (LTHE 462 UG) • Hermeneutics Principles /Biblical Interpretation (LBIB 306 UG) • Systematic Theology I (LTHE 313 UG) • Systematic Theology II (LTHE 314 UG) • Sprit-Empowered Living (LTHE 103 UG) • Teaching the Bible (LCHM 305 UG) • Christian Worldview & Culture (LHUM 103 UG) • Contemporary Theology (LTHE 444 UG) • Reading/Writing in Lib Arts (LCMP 102 UG) • Introduction to College Math (LMAT 099 UG) • Math & Society (LMAT 151 UG) Plus I have also recently completed successfully, Introduction to Christian Education (LCHM 304) and Divine Healing (LTHE 402).

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