Saturday, April 4, 2015

A Look Into my Life Overr the Past 20 Years

From Victim to Victory with Jesus Christ is about the trials and tribulations one goes through when they face a tragedy like the one that I faced on June 29, 1994. In a split second I went from a 23-year-old able-bodied young man to a quadriplegic paralyzed from the neck down unable to do anything for myself. My body was not mine anymore, but instead it was almost like I was in a battle with my body from my shoulders down. On July 1, 1994 my entire body was thrown into turmoil when my body turned into 165 pounds of unbearable, unimaginable and torturing pain that felt like I was doused with gasoline and then lit on fire. Every waking moment seems like I am facing some Form of test to see if I have the strength to defeat the test that is in front of me or to cave in and give up, however, the devil did not know that I am to stubborn to give up on life.  With all I have learned, experienced and have gone through on the road of life I have been molded from a indistinguishable mound of clay into a child of God ready to fulfill my destiny. My purpose or should I say the platform that I have been given to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ is my wheelchair, my paralyzed body, and mind filled with the knowledge I have gained  about my personal Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Due to the fact that my name given to me from birth is Brian Cross, which without Christ having given of himself, being crucified on, the Cross at Calvary, and being resurrected on the third day all of humanity would be destined to be in hell for eternity. Thank God first for Jesus Christ, His one and only begotten Son. Second, for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and all that it stands for and finally there is the Cross bore all our sicknesses, diseases, infirmities and sins that have been wiped away. God bless all those whose paths cross mine while reading this blog. Know this if you are reading this right now that it was ordained by God before you were born.

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