Saturday, April 4, 2015

My Hearts Desire is to Help Teenagers and Young Adults Who are on the Wrong Path

My name is Brian Cross and I have been blessed to be the vessel that God has chosen to open both a Church and Youth Center in every major city in order to fulfill the destiny that my personal Lord and Savior Jesus Christ had planned for me before I was even born.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns or you are in need of help with a teenager that is on the wrong path.  My mission is to through preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, teaching teenagers and young adults about how Jesus Christ expects for us to live our lives, how to build a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, through one-on-one mentoring/counseling,, and also building a firm foundation of Christianity in their lives while showing them that Jesus Christ is the only person that will never leave them or forsake them.  I have dedicated the rest of my life as long as I have breath to helping teenagers and young adults that are on the wrong path to become college graduates, productive citizens, and world changers.  The Back on Track Youth and Young Adult Ministries was created in order to get rid of the stereotypes, misunderstandings, and judgments that have been made by many individuals about both teenagers and young adults, because this is a vital issues to saving not only the current generation of teenagers.  But also to save the generations of teenagers that will follow in their footsteps.  By opening the eyes of those individuals who have already passed judgment to the plight of today’s teenagers and young adults that are on the wrong path we will be able to get a head start on making a brighter future for the United States.  We are in the beginning stages of planning, making connections, and most of all trying to raise enough money to make this vision a reality.  Please contact me if you have questions or need references, or would like for me to come and speak at either your Church, Youth Ministry, or workplace. I am a Motivational Speaker for teenagers on the wrong path in Juvenile Detention Centers to get them to go down the right path and break the cycle of continually getting into trouble and to stop them from ending up in the Adult Prison System. I use my experiences that I had as a teenager and into my early twenties to show them what can happen when they are getting into trouble, so they do not make the same mistakes that I made when I was their age.. I also am a certified Middle School and High School Classroom Speaker to help end Bullying. I believe that every Public School System in the United States should have a program set in place to eradicate the disease known as bullying that affects more people than anyone could ever imagine. I want to show children that bullying is not a joke, because when someone for instance pushes the enter button on a computer after typing something rude, wrong, nasty or inappropriate it is just like pulling the trigger on a gun. Due to the fact that it causes damage to the person it was posted about takes several years to a lifetime to overcome the mental harm that it has caused the person and their entire family. I also want to counsel the bullies themselves, because they have seen someone being bullied either by their father bullying their mother, an older brother or sister bullying someone else or themselves or that they were also a victim of bullying earlier on in school. However, several years later after gaining weight and getting taller the effects of what happened to them are now coming out in the form of them being a bully. I want to counsel not only the bully, but also his or her family members so that the bullying is cut off at the root of its cause.

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